PEN-WRITE ACADEMY (Full-Time Enrolment)

As an academic support service provider, Pen-Write Communications offers an Electronic Platform to students in the Secondary (JSS & SSS) classes as well as GCE & UTME Remedial and other related pre-university levels in a bid to help provide 21st Century learning to the new generation of students in Nigeria and its sub-region based on the integration of both the Nigerian and the British National Curriculum and relevant academic schemes.

The Academy contains detail content of all topics in all core subject areas for Science, Art and Commercial subjects.

All topics are comprehensively treated in lesson presentation format with practice tests for evaluation purposes, pictures and graphics display are commonplace and video demonstrations (where applicable) are used to concretize learning.

It is a forum for serious-minded students who want real education and intellectual independence.


1. Interactive online study with access to the archives of all topics, on a weekly and termly basis in all subject areas for Junior & Senior Secondary School students. 

2. Practice Tests, Quizzes and Worksheets on every topic for self-assessment with instant display of result.

3. Private online preparatory study for BECE, SSCE, GCE, IGCSE & UTME. You can subscribe freely to subject forums to post your questions for professional response and receive notification by E-Mail when you are offline but you must be a subscribed member to qualify for a Monthly Assessment Test. 

4. Attend classes privately online at your convenience and participate in assignments, tests and examinations with assessment report forwarded to you. This is a remedial service for JSS 1 - 3 and SSS 1 - 3 students. 

5. Access to a library of all topics in the syllabus of your choice subject for BECE, SSCE, GCE, IGCSE & UTME comprehensively treated with images and video illustrations for concrete learning.

6. Have access to our Online Laboratory for experiments and other demonstrations in the sciences. 

7. Unlimited learning resources for proficiency in core subjects areas with YouTube videos and demonstrations for concrete learning. 

8. Home School for individuals who want to continue their education without having to enroll in a conventional school due to age or status. 

And many more...


Students and Teachers will have access to all topics in the syllabi of the selected subjects which are comprehensively treated with relevant links for further studies and practice test for evaluation. 

  • Students and Teachers will have positive reason to use the internet for academic purposes. 
  • Orientation will become more positive and their overall performance will improve to boost your school’s standard.
  • Overall performance in external and terminal certificate examinations will improve tremendously.
  • Teachers & students would be exposed to 21st century education that is required to function in this generation.
  • Students will learn the way they love to learn by accessing knowledge on an attractive and interesting platform. 
  • Students & Staff will be prepared for the new wave on e-learning that is sweeping across all levels of education.  


To be a student of Pen-Write Academy, each member is required to pay a subscription fee on a termly/quarterly basis to grant them full access.

You must be prepared to study for a minimum of 15hrs per week

You must write a Monthly Test on all your chosen subject

You must score a cumulative average score of a minimum of 60% to be promoted to the next class 

You will receive a certificate for every end of term examination