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Computer-Based Testing has become enshrined in our testing and assessment modus in Nigeria. JAMB has moved UTME fully online and other examination bodies will soon follow suit.

We therefore provide our Virtual Online Testing Service to equip students and candidates well enough for this innovation which is still alien to most Nigerian students.

We provide FREE sample test in all relevant subject areas in our Academy and anyone can access them for practice at their convenience but limited attempts are allowed per test especially for Guests and unregistered members.


  • Every test has a time limit which is displayed at the starting point and will count down as you progress. 
  • The test will automatically close after the expiration of assigned time. 
  • You can attempt a test only once (except otherwise specified). 
  • You can go back to change an answer before submission.
  • You must choose an option to proceed to other questions. 
  • Passmark for the test is pre-set and displayed for your attention; so, you know your target from the beginning. 
  • On submission, call your invigilator/exam officer to record your score. Comprehensive result is sent to examiner via e-mail.

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SUPER Test Practice Plan - 60 Attempts Per Test for 365 Days

This is the individual Annual Test Practice Package with 60 Attempts in any 10 chosen subjects.
All Test Attempts remain valid for 365 Days.

Price - N10,000

EXTRA Test Practice Plan - Unlimited Attempts Per Test for 365 Days

This is the Test Practice Package with Unlimited attempt at every 10 chosen subjects. All Tests in this package remain valid for 365 Days and the candidates can practice as many time as they wish.

Price - N20,000

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CUSTOM Test Practice Package - Any Subject with buyer's choice Attempts & Validity

This is a special Test Practice Package for everyone who wishes to have a Full Time study with priority for some subjects and less priority for other subjects.
You could request for MINI package in English and an EXTRA package for Maths with MEGA and SUPER packages in Physics and Chemistry respectively.

Creative in Technological Integration into Teaching and Learning.

Pen-Write Academy tagged “Education Without Borders – A Classroom Without Walls” was initiated to provide world class education to the new generation of students in line with the 21st Century advanced technology based on the West African Examination Council Syllabus integrated with the British Curriculum; so that they can have access to knowledge anywhere, anytime and on any learning device.
Our Products and Services are designed from an insiders perspective and whole school management experience to support Students and Schools. 
We give free consultation and need assessment to schools with an objective analysis report.