Pen-Write Academy

A Private Academic Support Service Provider for Students and Candidates in Nigeria and the West African Sub-Region as well as in diaspora who are still inclined to the West African Examination Council (WAEC) and Cambridge International Education (CIE) Curricula, giving our clients easy access to 21st Century Education for improved performance. Our business is to provide satisfactory academic support services to students of this generation in the way and manner they will love to learn. Education in the 21st Century has taken a new dimension where students can no longer be restricted to the limited knowledge of their subject teachers when they have unlimited access to knowledge in every field at their fingertips. The post Covid-19 experience has established the fact that Online Learning is no longer a wish but a necessity for all learners. Schools with adequate facilities and resources were able to switch effectively online to cater for their students need during the lockdown but many students were left stranded due to non-availability of e-learning facilities in their schools. In view of this, we designed this robust platform for our students both at home and in diaspora where they can have 24hrs access to digital content and resources in all their subject areas with ease, provided they have a smart phone with internet access or any other suitable learning device. The Academy is targeted at Secondary School students currently in a school or candidates seeking remedial knowledge for academic advancement (GCE/SSCE/UTME). Studying in Pen-Write Academy is absolutely FREE but Testing and Assessment attracts a fee.

Creative in Technological Integration into Teaching and Learning.

Pen-Write Academy tagged “Education Without Borders – A Classroom Without Walls” was initiated to provide world class education to the new generation of students in line with the 21st Century advanced technology based on the West African Examination Council Syllabus integrated with the British Curriculum; so that they can have access to knowledge anywhere, anytime and on any learning device.
Our Products and Services are designed from an insiders perspective and whole school management experience to support Students and Schools. 
We give free consultation and need assessment to schools with an objective analysis report.